Here are some comments from people who both used our services for help with designing games and for finding agents and manufacturers for their games.


“Thanks so much for your great service for developing games and dolls from my Firefighter Frank book and video program. I have gotten many replies, including a VP of Branding and New Product Development at a game company who asked to see a mock-up of the Fightfighter Frank: Race to the Fire! board game. So in a big hurry we made a mock-up…I am so excited and will keep you posted.”

Dan Johnson
Motion Picture Services/Toon Studios
Ooltewah, Tennessee

“As a teacher, I created three board games and two card games which my children loved playing, but then I didn’t know where to go with them. Thank you so much for steering me in the right direction. After I sent out an e-mail to game companies and agents, I got responses from over 25 companies that wanted to see my games.”
Francine Roberts
Hayward, California

“Many thanks for your help. I developed several games and didn’t know what to expect when I sent out a query. Then, I was pleasantly surprised when a dozen game companies contacted me asking for more information and prototypes. And a half-dozen agents expressed interest, too. Thanks for writing a good query for me, too.”
Judy Williamson
San Francisco, California

“A great response. About a dozen manufacturers asked to learn more about my new doll, and I know I couldn’t have done it myself. I didn’t know who to contact, and I appreciate your help in polishing up my letter.”

Sam Everitt
Chicago, Illinois